Copper Ridge Wine


Copper Ridge Wine - Where Can You Get It?

Copper Ridge Wine is a brand that comes from the Gallo Winery and is a special brand that is sold only through restaurants.  That is why when you go out to a restaurant and order the wine, take the time to get the name and note it, and then go to your favorite liquor store, YOU CAN'T FIND IT!  It's not sold to other wholesalers, or retailers.  Just to restaurants.

However, Don't Despair!

There is one place on line that sells Copper Ridge Wine, so if you are in a state that allows imports of wine, then you are in luck!  If you are not in a state that allows imports of wine, then I suggest you move.  You're only hurting yourself by staying there ;^)

Anyway, here is the one site that tells you where you can get Copper Ridge Wine and  the simple instructions on how you can order it online.

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